Hey guys! Just a quick memo: I will still be posting on Wednesdays, but at 9:30 p.m.

Posting at an earlier time has gotten me more notes for some inexplicable reason (I’m not questioning it), and I need to spend 10-11 watching Coven because… Coven. So yeah, that is all. Carry on, reblog, like tell your friends tattoo it do what you want as long as you enjoy my writing. Thank you for all the support c:

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#160: Ashes.
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#141: Tenderness
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#167: Silently
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Second Excerpt from #162: Explorer’s Monologue

Finally hit 50 followers! It’s a small milestone, but it’s a milestone so thanks for all the support. I write for you guys. I hope you continue enjoying my work. Stay gold.

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Excerpt from #163: Cold

Hey guys! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday; I was too hung up on AHS Coven… Expect a poem tonight. I promise c:
Also, watch AHS. It’s actually the best show ever.

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Excerpt from #162: Explorer’s Monologue
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#168: Espuma
Inspired by Pablo Neruda, seafoam, and a poem about a mermaid.